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A couple of old Deathlok sketches


I saw these old Deathlok sketches from a couple years ago in my sketchbook the other day and realized i had never shared them. Just fiddling with a take on the character, for no good reason other than to amuse myself. Deathlok

Deathlok closeup

larger views of each sketch can be found in the GALLERY.

i figured the three main elements of Deathlok are reanimated corpse, cyborg, and soldier, so i tried to shoot for a zombie/Frankenstein/Terminator kind of industrial ass-kicking machine, and keep some of the iconography of the character intact. You'll notice I actually went on to cannibalize quite a bit of this design for what became Punisher: FrankenCastle, so the doodling ended up being pretty damned useful after all!