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Filtering by Tag: sci-fi

Sketch of the Day! ZORAK


I enjoyed Space Ghost as a kid, but the absurdity of Space Ghost Coast To Coast really hit me like a ton of bricks as a teenager, and left an indelible mark on me. Here's a super-rendered ink drawing of the intergalactic villain and sardonic music man, ZORAK!

This piece is 9" x 12", ink on Strathmore Bristol board.

You can find the original art for this piece available over in my STORE.

Sketch of the Day! JABBA THE HUTT


OMG you guys, did you know there's a new STAR WARS coming out?

8.5" x 9.75, inks (w/ Raphael brushes) and Copic Marker on chipboard.

The original art for this piece can be found over in the STORE.

Sketch of the Day! ABE SAPIEN



I love HELLBOY, so I thought I'd bust out an ABE SAPIEN head shot for today!

8.5" x 11, inks (w/ Raphael brushes)  on card stock

The original art for this piece can be found over in the STORE.

FEAR AGENT hits Comixology!


Lock & load! FEAR AGENT rides again!

It's been a long time in the works, but Rick remender and I are thrilled to announce that our baby, FEAR AGENT, is finally available for digital reading through Comixology!

You can also buy the meat-world editions of the paperbacks and hardcover collections here in the STORE. I also have ART PRINTS available.

Sketch of the Day! JASON X


Here it is, Friday the 13th... again! We all knew there was only one way this was going to go down. This time, i drew Uber-Jason from JASON X. If you are one of the people who found this movie's changes upsetting, you take things far too seriously. Also, you may possibly be an idiot.

Thanks for all your suggestions this week, and i hope you all had fun. I know i did!

Our boy here is 8.5" x 9", Copic markers on chipboard.
As per usual, the original art fo this piece can be found over in the STORE.