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Sketch of the Day! SPIDEY & GREEN GOBLIN



It's been a helluva while since i did daily sketches, but i've recently added COMMISSIONS to the site, and orders are starting to roll in, so i figured i'd post what i've been doing for those as well as some i've done recently just for the hell of it. This costumer requesed Spidey & Green Goblin, with a Romita influence. i had a lot of fun with it, since i'd never drawn GG before.

You can commission your very own piece over in my STORE.

9" x 12", inks & acrylics (w/ Raphael brushes) and Copic Marker on Strathmore toned paper.

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I had a lot of fun drawing this guy in Punisher: Franken-Castle. I got a lot of online complaints that i made him look sickly. He was. I will never apologize for making MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE not hunky enough. Sorry, not sorry.

8.5" x 9.75, inks (w/ Raphael brushes) and Copic Marker on chipboard.

The original art for this piece can be found over in the STORE.

Sketch of the Day! SPIDER-GWEN


My dear pals Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez recently created this dynamite spider-powered Gwen Stacy storyline for Marvel, which features one of the best costume designs in recent memory. I didn't show off much of it here, but it's killer. I did have a lot of fun drawing this web-slinging lass, though.

8.5" x 9", inks & Copic markers on chipboard.
If you'd like the original for this hanging around your house, check out the STORE!